Welcome to the Arts University Bournemouth (AUB) Library. We offer a range of resources and facilities to support you with your studies. A copy of the AUB Library Student Handbook is available online and which contains updated information about using the Library services, borrowing, fines and contacts.

These pages provide some further basic information about using the Library and the services on offer. We have also provided some information specifically for international students to provide some additional help in studying at AUB. We recognise that international students may need specific information and help to make the best of Library facilities. The information below gives a basic introduction to the Library service but you are welcome to contact your Subject Librarian for further information.


Subject Librarians


Each course has a Subject Librarian who can provide assistance for information and research skills. They will also provide an introduction to the Library service during induction week.

All Subject Librarians are based in the Library.

Contact your Subject Librarian.


How to borrow library items


You must use your Library card to borrow items. Items can be borrowed at the Counter or by using the self-service facility in the Library. Please remember that you are responsible for the items you borrow and you will be fined if you do not bring them back on time. The Library will send an email reminder to return your items on time or if someone else has reserved them, so please check your University email account regularly.


How to join The Library


When you enroll at the AUB you will be given an identity card. This is also your library card and means that you will not need to join the Library separately.

To activate your Library membership simply present your card at the Library counter. Once it has been scanned for the first time your Library membership will be active and you can borrow items using the self issue machine.

Library rules are published in the Library Handbook available from the Library, and on the Rules and Policy area of this website.


Reading lists


When you arrive at AUB your course tutor will have considered what you need to learn for your course unit and will have identified useful texts for you to read. Tutors will expect you to read some of the texts on this list, which will usually be divided up into categories. This may be by listing key and recommended texts or by categories such as historical, contextual technical etc.

In many instances these lists are not exhaustive and there may be additional or alternative texts which are relevant and useful to your topic of interest. Your course handbook provides specific guidance on the use of reading lists for your course.


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