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The Library has over 50,000 books covering a huge range of art, design and media subjects which you can search on the Library catalogue.

Books are organised using Dewey classification which provides each book with a number according to it's subject. This system is complemented by a unique colour and symbol system called Universal Access By Design. Contact the Library for more information and help using these suystems.

There are also many e-books available online that can also be searched for and accessed through the Library catalogue. You will need your AUB username and password to get access to e-books.
See the Library Online pages for more information.


New Books

This page provides details of the latest books added to the Library and includes books that are currently on order. Items are listed in order of date added with the most recent items first. Please note that on order items may take about 4 weeks to be available for loan.

The information shown on this page is also available as an RSS feed from the Library catalogue.
Find out more about RSS feeds.

Read more: New Books



The Library keeps copies of the following newspapers for three months:

  • Daily Echo
  • Daily Mail and Mail on Sunday
  • Guardian
  • Independent
  • Sun
  • Times and Sunday Times
  • Telegraph
  • Times Higher Education

Online access to the Times Higher Education  is also available. Please ask at the counter for details.

Full text access to regional, national and international papers is available on the newspaper database, Newsbank.
See the Library Online page for more information about accessing newspapers online.



The Library takes over 300 journal and magazine titles on subscription.

The most recent issues of journals are displayed on the ground floor of the Library. All journals are arranged by subject using the Dewey numbering system.
The back issues of each title are shelved with the books at this same number.

New journals and a selection of ongoing subscriptions are kept behind the Counter. Check the Library catalogue for details.

All our journal titles can be found using the Library catalogue.

There are also many journals available electronically online through our A to Z journal portal or via the Library catalogue.
See the Library Online pages for more information and to access.


DVDs, Videos and CDs

The Library has a large collection of audivisual material. You can find all this material either by using the Library catalogue or the printed lists available in the Library.

The audio visual collection includes:

DVDs and videos: a large collection of feature films, animation, documentaries and instructional films as well as relevant programming recorded from the television.

CDs: a collection of traditional, contemporary classical and popular music CDs and sound effects CDs are kept behind the Library counter. Please ask at the counter if you would like to borrow from the CD collection.

In addition there are a number of online resources for audio and video, see the Library Online for more information and to access.


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