Athens Accounts

Important News About Athens

With the start of the 2012-13 academic year we will no longer be using the Athens system for accessing the Library's collection of online resources. We are introducing a new system that requires only your AUB username and password. This means that:

  • There is no longer a separate username and password to remember.
  • No registration is required, if you have an AUB log in you can access the Library's online resources.
  • In most cases it is a simpler log in procedure.
  • More resources than before are accessible off campus.

Help with using this new system is available on the Library web site here alternatively you can contact the Library.

In most cases we have provided an off campus link on the Library Online that will take you directly to an AUB log in box and then on to the resource you choose. However this option is not available for every resource. If you are trying to access a resources and are offered a number of log-in options, in order to use this new system please choose either Shibboleth log in or UK Federation / Higher Education options.

Many resources will still be available via Athens whilst we are in this transition period and the help page below will remain in place for the time being, however we will be phasing this out completely during the coming academic year, so would encourage you to use the new system from the start of the year.